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The A. Duie Pyle Leadership Development Program is a rotational program designed to prepare recent college graduates for a leadership career in Transportation Operations.

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We are looking for motivated individuals with a strong desire to excel and the ability to work in a very fast-paced environment.

Qualified candidates must be completing, or have completed, a degree in Business, Supply Chain Management, Operations Management or a related field. Other degrees will be considered. Candidates must be willing to work varying hours on different shifts and travel to the West Chester, PA  corporate office during the program. Upon completion of the program, candidates must be willing to relocate anywhere within the A. Duie Pyle system.

My favorite part of the program was being able to work in different departments and seeing the role each play in the operation of a successful business. Many of the relationships I made during my time in these departments prove valuable to this day.


Dedicated Field Operations Manager

Account Manager


This program is excellent. It is designed for you to grow within the company. You will get to see all aspects of A. Duie Pyle and how every department is a link in the chain. Join the program, you will never regret it.

My biggest take away from the program was learning the in’s and out’s, the why, and the what of the freight business. Seeing how each individual department intertwines and relies on each other makes everything run efficiently. It allows the Pyle Team to stand by our market position.



Service Center Manager


A Duie Pyle

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This is a six month program where you will learn the industry and our operation from the ground up and gain experience through assignments in various departments and multiple locations.

Your career with A. Duie Pyle will begin on the dock where you will learn about dock operations and freight.

Along the way you will receive coaching and guidance from experienced leaders and participate in leadership training events.

In addition, you will spend time in the corporate office working in Customer Service, learning about other departments and getting exposure to our senior leadership team.

You will also learn about our P&D Operation (Pick-Up & Delivery) through time spent on the road with our drivers and some time in Dispatch.


  • Strong Company Culture
  • Casual, Friendly Work Environment
  • Fast Paced, Challenging Work
  • Career Opportunities
  • Family Owned and Operated Since 1924
  • Over 30 Locations in the Northeast
  • Leader in the Transportation & Logistics Industry
  • Access to Senior Leadership


I got to spend time on different shifts and in different departments. Coming right out of college, this rotation of shifts throughout a company really gave me an insight into how a business works and helped me figure out exactly what I wanted to do.


Manager Integrated Solutions Center

Customer Service Supervisor


I really enjoyed going through each department and seeing all the different faces throughout the company. I also got to see what my interests were, which gave me a better idea of which field I could see myself excelling in.

The program truly sets you up for success. It not only helps you discover leadership traits that you didn’t know you had, it also helps you mold yourself into the kind of leader you want to be. You learn how every department works together. Working in each department helps you see the big picture of the operation and figure out how to best set the next person up for success.



Assistant Service Center Manager